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Jointed Serendipity


The Great Triathlon is well underway and contestants are currently working on their third challenge.

We had over 125 entries the the first challenge in which contestants were asked to make their doll a pair of wings. You can see all of the entries and the voting results here.

Challenge number two was to construct a display niche or vitrine for the same doll. This year’s contestants are very determined; there are still over 100 entries! You can see all of the amazing entries and cast your votes for your favorite four here until Saturday, August 23rd.

In challenge number three, contestants are hand-crafting books about their dolls, creating an animated GIF of the entire tome, and presenting an artistic shot of their winged doll interacting with the book while on display in the niche. We’ll have those entries posted for voting next week! 

Please note: Volks is allowing the on-line FCS to be won by any and all DoA contestants, not just DoA contestants in North America! Thank you Volks! 


The Den of Angels 10th Anniversary celebration continues with our Photography Contest! 

This years theme is “Recreating the Past.” Contestants must use their dolls to replicate a photo of their choice. Any photo taken before the year 2000 may be used, whether it’s a Berenice Abbott or one your mother’s Christmas snapshots from 1989.

Four prizes will be awarded to the entries that earn the most votes. The winner gets first choice from the following prizes:

Any currently available FreedomTeller ensemble in the winner’s choice of size, generously donated by FreedomTeller.

A custom face-up, generously donated by SDink.

A custom pair of urethane eyes, generously donated by DollBakery.

An apothecary set of acids and poisons, generously donated by Atrium Hoshino.

Deadline for entries is Saturday, August 23rd, 11:59pm EDT

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Porcelain Doll Head teacup by ENDEsign on Etsy.


Porcelain Doll Head teacup by ENDEsign on Etsy.


Some official shots of the fourth Galilean Moon, Callisto. This necklace will be for sale at Dollism Plus USA in September.

Callisto is hand cut and hammered from sterling silver with a patina and texture that mimics the surface of this satellite. The pendant features a trio of bezel-set cabochons - moonstone, pyrite and onyx - as an abstract representation of the ice crust, rock and ice body, and rocky core of Callisto. The sterling silver rolo chain fastens with a hand-fabricated s-hook clasp ornamented with a tiny brown agate pendant bead as a nod to Jupiter.

Doll model Júhuā is a Volks SDGou Claude and he belongs to idrisfynn.